Guittard Milk Chocolate Flavored Wafers — 1, 5, & 25 LB

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Product Information

Guittard milk chocolate a'peels are small melting chips/wafers sized for faster, easier melting. No tempering required. A'peels can be melted in many ways such as using a double boiler or even microwaving it in a glass bowl.
Use a'peels for chocolate molds, dipping, modeling chocolates, fondue, ganache, and more.
Combine a'peels with Oil based flavorings to bring out the flavors in your chocolates. Use Oil based colors to bring your chocolate creations to life.
Certified Kosher - Dairy
Gluten Free
Peanut Free

Warning: Shipping chocolate may be susceptible to melting. We cannot guarantee the product if the product will arrive unmelted. Cold packs can be used to reduce the chance of melting.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Angela Silvernagel
Angie’s cake pops

I really like this chocolate it taste great and melts nicely

Susan Stocker
Guittard is fantastic!!

I have been using the Guittard dark and white chocolates for several years now but had yet to try the milk chocolate. I am so glad I finally did. Sweet creamy and delicious it will become a staple in my kitchen

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