Gusteau's Natural Premium Emulsions

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Flavor: Almond Knight
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Flavor: Almond Knight

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Product Information

Gusteau's Professional bakery emulsions are developed for the confectionery field. Can be used in a wide range of products including: Cakes, Puddings, Cookies, Biscuits, Custards, Ice Creams, and more! Flavors including the classic Pineapple and Coconut to the hybrid flavors such as Queen Cake which has a twist of Mandarin and vanilla blend. 

Use in place of extracts on a 1:1 scale. 1 Teaspoon of extract = 1 teaspoon of emulsion.
For recipes that do not require heating or baking use a little less and add to taste.


  • Vegan, Natural, Kosher Certified, Gluten Free, No Sugars, No Calories

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