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We provide custom edible images that can instantly create a custom made cake in seconds! Not only can it be used for cake but any desserts you can think of such as cupcakes, candy apples, oreo cookies, rice krispie treats, and more! We work with you to add any text or images you would want to show off on your cake. 

With the new addition of DecoPac printers we have a huge assortment of already pre-made printing templates that makes it easier to choose your next design will be! You can view the catalog here: Catalog

How it works:

1. Find either any image online or in the DecoPac catalog that you would want on the edible sheet.

2. Email us at banners@dandgoccasions.com and attach the image or image # and a brief description of what kind of style you want the sheet. For Example, we can customize the size and border to fit on the smallest of cupcakes to the largest sheet or circle cakes. Just adding the description such as, "fits on a 7"cake" or "24 standard cupcake circles" will help us to understand what to design for you. 

3. Once submitted the printing team will respond if we have received the image and ask for any other instructions if necessary. After we receive the image we print it on a sample sheet and wait until you arrive at the store to make sure the colors are correct. Once you approve the image at the store we will print it on the edible sheet which takes less than 15 minutes to complete!


Storage: Store away from sunlight, heat, and moisture. Do not place image in the fridge or on the dessert if it goes in the fridge. If the dessert is refrigerated simply apply the sheet when you are ready to serve to your guests. 

Application: To apply the sugar sheet simply cut out the shape or lay the entire sheet on the dessert.

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