Callebaut Milk Chocolate N° 823 Blocks

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The all-round milk chocolate with cocoa body. Milk chocolate recipe n° 823 is Callebaut®'s iconic milk chocolate. It stands out with its deep, warm colour, prominent roasted cocoa flavours and seductive caramel notes. The 823 is widely appreciated because of its generous taste and great reputation in workability. It can be paired with a wide array of powerful fruity, spicy, dairy or liqueur-like flavours. The core of the chocolate is the signature Wieze cocoa blend: a well-kept secret mix of mainly West African top grade cocoa beans. The 823 has a standard fluidity, making it your all-round chocolate for moulding, enrobing and flavouring of mousses, ganaches, crèmes, sauces, etc. Round and balanced taste with perfect marriage of cocoa, milk and caramel.

Min. Cocoa/Cocoa Butter: 33.6% Cocoa - 30.2% Cocoa Butter / 4.9% Fat Free Cocoa

Min. Milk: 20.8% - 6% Milk Fat / 15.8% Fat Free Milk

Fat: 36.2% Fat - 30.2% Cocoa Butter / 6% Milk Fat

Confectionery: Caramels, Chocolate clusters, Chocolate Spreads, Ganache, Mendiants, Truffles

Patisserie & Dessert: Bavarois, Crèmes & Crémeux, Custards & Curds, Ganaches, Glazes, Mousse

Ice Creams & Sorbets: American ice cream, Gelato, Soft ice

Sustainability: With every callet™, you make a mark. Your choice for Callebaut is a choice for cocoa farmers to thrive. For every Callet™ of the Finest Belgian Chocolate range, Callebaut® sources 100% sustainable cocoa. And for every pack you purchase, a part is reinvested in the farmers and their communities. By partnering with the Cocoa Horizons Foundation which works directly with farmer groups, we support farmer training and empower young farmers & women farmers to excel in their craft.

Size: 5 kg / 11 lb block


Shelf Life: 18 months

Warning: Shipping chocolate may be susceptible to melting. We cannot guarantee the product if the product will arrive unmelted. Cold Packs can be purchased to minimize damage

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