Fabbri Amaretto Delipaste/Compound

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Fabbri Delipaste/Compound provides an intense flavour, which over the centuries has become increasingly popular in cakes and desserts all around the world.

These concentrated flavouring pastes contain the juice and pulp of the finest fruits to be used as a substitute for fruit in your recipes. Being already pasteurized, they combine maximum hygiene with total efficiency for all your creations. Flavor your favorite desserts from ice cream/gelato, sorbete, pastries, cookies, cakes, icings, and much more!

Fabbri pastes are heavily concentrated and pack a very powerful punch. It is recommended to use 45- 70 grams per litre of mix (6-9 oz per gallon).

Packed in practical, lightweight and handy tins this fruit compound go a long way. Does not need to be refrigerated yet still has an amazingly long shelf life.

Gluten Free.

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