NorPro Non-Stick Baking Paper

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Product Information

Measures: 12" Wide x 23' Length / 30.5cm Wide x 7 M length

Extra 10% longer!

Extra thick and strong. Caterer's quality with metal cutting edge built into the box.

Ideal for cooking, baking and candy making, baking cookies, cakes, fudge! Perfect for pizza stones and pans, nonstick without the mess of corn meal. Use to line your steamers and bake food combinations in paper packets. Seals in moisture and flavor when cooking. Reduce the use of added fats to your cooking. A healthy substitute for cooking oils and sprays. Save the wear and tear of your pots and pans by protecting them while you cook and when stored.

Cut and wet, mold and shape to line pots, pans, trays, casseroles or bakers for easy clean up and transfer food from the baking dish to the serving dish.

Cut and fold to make pastry bags for cake decorating. Cut into patterns to create templates.

Heat resistant up to 450˚F / 230˚C.

Safe in your microwave to cook and defrost. Wrap fish and other foods for safe storage in the freezer.

FDA approved.

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